How to Choose Jewellery for a South Indian Wedding

A modern South Indian bride is adorned with traditional temple jewellery, a royal saree, a heavily embroidered blouse, and flower buns. When it comes to selecting jewellery for your big day, you’ve got a huge list of options to choose from. However, worry not! While jewellery shopping can get very overwhelming, this guide will help you in choosing the right jewellery perfect for a South Indian Wedding.

  1. Necklaces

There is nothing more regal and gorgeous than wearing traditional South Indian Jewellery that includes detailed gold chokers studded with stones. Layered chain necklaces also form an integral part of South Indian jewellery. You’ll find different types of malas like maanga mala, kaasu mala, and many other antique sets.

  • Armlets

Another essential bridal piece of jewellery that looks flattering with your saree. You’ll come across different designs and materials. The most popular are diamond and gold. If you want your statement armlet to be the main highlight of the look, your blouse should have small sleeves that could be either cap-shaped or puffy to make your baju band prominent.

  • Hair accessories

South Indian women tie their hair in braids and decorate it with flower jewellery. You’ll be amazed by the variety of hair jewelry pieces you can choose to transform your ordinary braid into a fancy braid studded with pearls, diamonds, and gold. This hairstyle looks best when you’re wearing a traditional saree. Make sure that the type of hair accessory you wear goes in sync with your saree because you don’t want to go overboard with the hairdo.

  • Maang Tikas

Maang Tikka is a head jewellery commonly worn by Indian women. It’s a pendant that is fixed on top of your forehead. You’ll find different styles of headpieces that you can style with your ethnic dress. From one-sided maang tikka to multiple chain maatha patti that not only complements your forehead but also your hairstyle.

Loop-style round maang tikka is popular amongst South Indian brides. Traditional nethi chutti embedded with stones, pearls, and diamonds give a divine look.

  • Nose Rings

The Indian Bridal look is incomplete without the nose ring. It’s important to choose a nose ring according to your face shape. You can either go for a subtle nose pin or a bigger nose ring if it looks good on you.

  • Kamarbandh

South Indian brides love to drape their sarees by accessorizing them with saree belt that adds beauty to your saree and helps you to carry it flawlessly. It’s up to you whether you want to wear the waist jewellery but it gives a composed look.

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