Factors to Consider When Selecting Jewellery for an Outfit

Jewellery can make or break an outfit. A plain outfit can look extremely high fashion with just one statement piece of jewelleryor a gorgeous dress can be ruined by the wrong choice of jewellery. Here are some tips to select the right jewellery to match you.

Take into account your body and your face

To achieve great looks, you must take into account your body and your face.If you manage to balance the outfit well, the attention will be focused on you and the jewellery will be a complement that makes you look more attractive.

Pay attention to the length of your necklaces, do not choose a style too elaborate for a work look. opt for Susan Shaw cultured pearls or a simple gold necklace. Avoid wearing earrings that are too long or too large if you plan to wear more than one accessory. A bracelet is a perfect complement for a simple and suitable look.

Think of your outfit and if it matches your skin

Now when choosing jewellery, you should think not only about your outfit but also what will make you look more attractive according to your features.If you want to show off your skin, choose jewellery in metals and gems. Check on gold, silver, rose gold and bronze and pick the metal that is most suitable to your skin. Choose a detail within the jewel in colour to match your outfit.

Think first about the type of event

Fortunately, today we can experiment and wear different patterns and colours without having to follow strict rules. And that applies to jewellery, we can encourage ourselves to wear necklaces with more elegant sparkles for the day or something simpler for the night. However, you should always keep in mind that the occasion is essential and even more so the type of garment that accompanies the jewel. 

If you have a work meeting it is not a good idea to choose some earrings with crystals or a necklace with sparkles because it will focus everyone’s attention on them. Remember to select the most elaborate jewellery with the most basic garments. For example, an elaborate vintage bracelet can look great with a classic blazer, or an elegant jumpsuit with a delicate collar. Experiment and try different clothes, for the office it is better to choose rings and bracelets or a subtle necklace. For a party or wedding, you can wear a statement necklace that lifts the outfit.

Choose versatile jewellery

The jewels help us to complement and improve your look. But you should not choose only what is beautiful at first glance; you should also choose what most complements all your clothes. That is why the versatile jewels that you can wear with different garments are a great option. Also, being jewellery that is easy to adapt to looks, they are suitable for any occasion and will always help you to add the complementary touch to your outfit. Buy only a few versatile statement pieces that you can easily match with any outfit.

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