Dress to Impress: The Office-Wear Version

Putting together different fashionable office wear for every day of the week may become challenging and exhausting. You do not have the money to add in branded outfits to your wardrobe and you do not want to go through the humiliation of getting recognized in the same outfit twice in one week.

Here are some wardrobe essentials to impress your colleagues and land that business contract with your client:


Formal shirts can make you look both classy and professional. They are slim fit and suit any type of body. Ideal for business meetings and client visits. Formal shirts come in varying prints and pretty patterns. You can get a bunch of them for a low price and mix and match them with your shoes and pants.


Perfectly suited for formal and smart casual dress type occasions; pants are classy and comfortable at the same time. You can pair them up with one of those beautiful shirts you bought and own that gorgeous office look.


Skirts are a timeless piece of office wear that suits client meetings and business events. An A-line skirt would be the perfect pick but it is not your only choice. You can opt for skirts of varying styles such as the formal fishtail skirt, pencil skirt and the formal high waist skirt. They would look perfect with the right pair of pumps and the right style of shirt.


Dresses are for sure a versatile and timeless piece. It is best to stock up your wardrobe with a few dresses for more formal gatherings. Owning formal silk dresses are best to show off your fashion sense while maintaining your professionalism. Dresses can even be paired up with a blazer and a pair of stilettos to attend that very important business meeting.


While you may have the perfect pant and the perfect shirt to go with it, if your footwear turns out to be inappropriate and shabby, it can be a total letdown to your entire outfit. Make sure you have a pair of wedges and pumps and alternate them between different outfits.


Owning a handbag is important to carry all of your essentials including your phone, wallet and your stationery. You can purchase a tote bag which is in fashion and can be matched up with almost any kind of outfit. A high-end watch is a must-have to add an elegance to your professional look. If you wish to put on some jewellery as well, keep it minimal. Go for small earrings, classy bracelets and thin bangles. Do not wear them altogether! Wear them separately on different occasions, with different outfits.


Not something you can necessarily purchase; your hairstyle is probably the first thing your colleagues and clients will notice about you. Keep your hair neat and nice. You can try out different professional hairstyles for different occasions. You can choose from a neat hair bun, blow-dried hair, straightened hair and a sleek ponytail. Your hairstyle can give your outfit the final chic touch it may have lacked.

Following this guide will help you stay up to date with the trending office wear while mixing professionalism with fashion. You can produce the perfect outcome that can impress your colleagues and send a message to your clients that you value them enough to dress up for them.

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