Ways to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. All important people in your life; friends, family, relatives and colleagues come together to celebrate your happiness. In such an occasion, it is vital that you make the event interesting and unforgettable. Adding unique elements can wow your guests that will make them speak about the event for years to come. Here are some interesting aspects you can add.

Take creative photos

The photos are the single aspect that will last once the wedding is over. Make sure you get the perfect clicks of your special day. Pick unique locations and ensure perfect timing to make use of beautiful sunrises or sunsets. Let the guests in on the fun too. Install a Photo Booth with some props such as wigs, goggles, fake moustaches, hats and various other disguises.

Print these photos out then and there and let your guests take home fun memories from your wedding. You can also create a PhotoWall with your photos from the past and add a few from the wedding day. Get your guests to sign on the photos so that you can keep them as souvenirs. Also leave around some Polaroid cameras for guests to capture fun moments so that you can cherish them forever. 

Personalized wedding Decor

Your wedding will become truly yours when you add a personal touch to it. Add personalized decorations all around the venue. You can have wooden boards with your names and important dates such as your first date, first kiss, the day you moved in together etc.

Make sure the décor represents your personality. If you are sports fans, you can pick a sports theme. If you like the retro vibe you can select a vintage theme. Also, you can personalize the place-settings as per the guests. Custom print out cards, mugs, glasses, napkins etc. with your initials in them.

Unique wedding attire

Wearing a unique wedding dress and wedding suit will make you stand out of the crowd. Show off your individuality by adding elements that you both like. Don’t be afraid to pick out fun and crazy outfits rather than the traditional suit and dress.

Add statement pieces such as long wedding veils, embroidery, long train, an elegant tiara or embellishment, or even unique shoes. Some might like boots and sneakers than high heels. You can even put on two or three outfits to make the event more fun and happening. Change into a comfortable mini dress and shorts with shirt, let go of the valuables and get comfortable.

Gifts and entertainment

Once the ceremony and formalities are done, your wedding would turn into a party. You need to add entertaining activities to spice it up. Bring Brazilian dancers, have a magic show, add some dance elements, have a candy table, set up a kiddies’ corner, wedding karaoke and many more. You can party all night, jump into the pool at the end, take a horseback ride and just have fun. Arrange for some wedding favours for gifts to take home.

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