Reasons Why People Get Clothing Allergies

Clothing allergy is something that many go through. If you’re unaware about this concept, it exists. Our skin is one of the most sensitive parts of our body, from scratches to cuts, it can get damaged easily because they are exposed to the environment.

Clothing is made through a specific process from sourcing materials to adding chemicals and other compounds to make it wearable. So, depending on these cloth manufacturing process, raw materials and most importantly on how your skin response to these, you can get a clothing allergy. Below are three common reasons why you can get clothing allergies.

Materials and chemicals used

Clothes are made out of different materials or fabrics that are all processed using different chemicals. Different skins react differently to these materials and chemicals. So, when you get a clothing allergy try to analysesor read the label for description on what material it’s made out of and other chemical used. 

This will let you know what materials or chemicals you need to be aware of. Now this doesn’t mean you have to keep away completely from such materials which is not possible. Try to consider organic clothing solutions like Josh &Thom. These organic clothing solutions are made from materials that are free from anychemicals additions and so will not support clothing allergies.

New clothing

Sometimes when you wear new clothing as you brought it, it can cause allergic reactions. In such situations the allergic reaction may occur only one time or till you wash the cloth. This is because new clothes aren’t washed when they are sold because they are new. By the time a new cloth reaches a store, it goes through so many surfaces and packaging which can interact with allergic agents.

One main toxic element that comes with new clothes is formaldehyde. This is added to new clothes to keep them crease free when displayed or stocked in stores. So, unless you were the new clothing, this element will remain in your clothing supporting most of the allergic reactions that comes with new clothing. So, whenever you get a new clothing it’s a good practice to wear it after washing it. This will avoid toxic elements from getting into your skin and causing other complications as well, especially if your skin is extremely sensitive.

Washing powder

We all use detergent to clean clothes and it’s a common practice. But unfortunately, most of the commercial detergents have enormous harmful toxins including bleach to give out best cleaning properties. Especially toxins like dyes and perfumes in detergents can easily trigger allergic reactions.

While it’s impossible to wash clothes without detergent, try to use options like baby detergents, baby soaps or non-toxic detergents that are free from chemicals.Natural options like baking soda, lemon, vinegar and soap nuts can also help you with cleaning clothes wile washing.

The best takeaway here is that wash you new clothes before wearing them and observe how each clothing material reacts with your skin. Keep track of such materials and try to opt for organic materials of those kinds or refrain from buying clothes made using such materials. Besides, keep an eye on buying fewer toxic detergents to be on the safe side of clothing allergies.

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