Different Ways in Printing T-Shirts

Customized items are becoming more popular these days with so many creative ways to create them – from printed shirts, custom mugs, stylish shoes, and a lot more. Many people love having customized things because it speaks a lot about their personality and who they really are.

If you’re an artist, customizing shirts could be one of the best ways you could turn your artwork into something profitable. T-shirt printing these days are more convenient and there are so many techniques to choose from depending on the availability of materials you have and your printing skills as well. Put your designs into something wearable with these amazing shirt printing methods.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the oldest methods of printing shirts. Before, this technique is only done manually but now, there are some equipment that makes this task a lot easier. Screen prints usually last longer than other printing techniques because the ink used in this is much thicker. If you’re printing in bulk, screen printing is the most cost-efficient of them all.

You could actually print around 200 to 500 shirts in just a gallon of ink. Screen printing works on almost any fabric type plus you could enjoy vibrant prints that will surely last long. When printing, be sure to use quality inks and shirts. If you need quality blanks to buy now www.blankclothing.com.au is the best one-stop shop.

Direct-to-Garment Printing

Direct-to-garment printing or DTG is a popular choice for those who want to print more vivid designs that has a lot of colours. It can be done a lot easier compared to screen printing. All you have to do is load the blank shirt on the DTG printer, choose your design and print it directly on the fabric.

There are no restrictions to colour and design when it comes to DTG printing. However, you need to use 100% cotton fabrics to create more vibrantly coloured prints. Unlike screen printing, the downside of DTG prints is that they tend to wash out through time with many washes. But the quality of its print is definitely perfect.

Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfer printing is a versatile technique since you can also use it in printing items other than clothes. The main idea of this technique is using heat to transfer the print onto the fabric surface. First, you need to print your chosen design into a heat transfer paper using solvent ink.

When you press the printed paper onto the surface with heat, the print transfers to the shirt or any item that you want to print on. There are a variety of heat transfer techniques you could try out such as dye sublimation, plastisol transfer, and CAD-cut printing.

Printing shirts is one great hobby you could start or even turn into a business if you get how, it works and want to earn using your creative side. Just be creative and experiment with different designs to create more interesting prints as your experience grows too.

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