How to Get Shoes That Fit Perfectly

Getting the right size and fit is important when you’re buying shoes. It keeps your feet comfortable while wearing the footwear and helps prevent foot problems and injuries such as blisters, callouses, bunions, and many more.

Although shoes have the sizes labelled on it, there are times when the usual size you have doesn’t fit that good. Shoe sizes vary between brands and even on the sizing method that is used on them. To be sure that you’re getting the shoes that fit your feet perfectly, here are some tips you could follow.

Measure Your Feet

Measuring your feet is one of the basic ways to know the accurate size for your shoes. Since the feet grow through time, it is best to have it measured once or twice a year and use the latest measurement when buying shoes.

The length, width, and arch length are the parts that need to be measured on your feet to get the accurate measurement. When measuring feet, be sure to do it later in the day and while standing up. It would be easier to shop for footwear once you know your measurements, especially when buying shoes online.

Choose the Size that Fit the Larger Foot

It is normal that one of your feet is bigger than the other. However, this difference is not that apparent when you look at it. However, when choosing footwear, it is important to opt for the size that fits the bigger foot. You could just add some shoe inserts to fill in the space for the other shoe if the size gap is too big.

Consider Giving Your Toes Space

When choosing shoes, it is important to give your toes some space to move around. This helps prevent foot problems from developing such as calluses, corns, bunions, neuromas, and many more. However, if you already have this problem, it is best to get wide shoes that would fit the entire foot perfectly. You’ll know if the shoe has just the right toe space once you try it on. Aside from that, you can also opt for shoes with wider toe area such as square or almond-toe shoes and do away with pointy-toe ones.

Wear Socks When Fitting Shoes

When you’re buying new shoes, it is important to wear the socks or hosiery that you plan to wear with it. For instance, if you’re buying some sports shoes, you should also wear the athletic socks you usually wear to get the right size that feels comfortable. Some socks and hosiery are too thick that it has an impact on which shoe size fits perfectly.

Leave Some Allowance on Both Ends

When fitting shoes, leave half an inch space at the front and an eighth of an inch at the back of the shoe. This is the most recommended and comfortable size no matter what footwear it is. If there is no space allowance yet, it means that the current size is small for you.

Choosing shoes that fit perfectly helps prevent foot problems and make you feel comfortable all day long. With these tips, you can surely get the shoes that will fit your feet perfectly.