5 Different Types of Jewellery That You Should Know About

Jewellery is indeed a predominant selection among women through which they adorn their clothing, especially for any special event. Many pieces of jewellery can be categorized according to where they can be worn.

Apart from that, these pieces of jewellery can be further categorized according to the types of designs they are available in. They are very crucial because this factor needs to be considered when selecting jewellery.

Listed below are some of such names of jewellery that are categorized according to their design. Read ahead to find out.

1. Antique

This jewellery type can also be identified as vintage jewellery, but antique jewellery being 100 years old ata minimum while vintage jewellery is 50 years old ata minimum make both of them different from each other.

Although they are meant to be old by their term and the number of years of their existence, they are preferred by many women around the world due to their timeless patterns.

Antique pieces of jewellery however cannot be worn all the time and are typically reserved only to be worn for special occasions.

2. Bead

Bead jewellery as the name suggests, is made out of beads of various patterns. The beads are connected with the help of strings so that a necklace or a long chain can be made as a result.

The beads normally used to create bead-type jewellery can be pearl, glass, wood, or even metals that are made of gold, silver, and bronze.

3. Handmade

Another well-known jewellery type is those that are handmade. They are very unique because they are customized according to one’s preference and crafted carefully by experts.

Due to this factor, making handmade jewellery takes up a lot of time since a lot of effort needs to be put into the desired outcome. Bohemian is one of the handmade jewellery types which includes bohemian bracelets, earrings, chains, and many more. They can be worn for any occasion preferably for casual outings.

4. Fashion

This jewellery as the name suggests is worn for fashionable purposes usually with outfits worn every day.

They are less expensive making them easily affordable as they are typically made out of nickel. Hence, a lot of demand has been imposed upon this fashion jewellery.

5. Bridal

Bridal jewelleryis worn by brides for their big day to complement and adorn their bridal outfits. How brides adorn jewellery for their wedding can vary from culture to culture.

Some brides may want to keep it minimalistic and prefer simple bridal jewellery that is made of diamond or platinum. On the other hand, some brides wear huge pieces of jewellery from head to toe due to cultural or traditional requirements.

Thisjewellery includes forehead jewellery, necklace, earrings, anklets, finger and toe rings, bangles, waist belts as well as nose pins or rings.

6. Filigree

This term is derived from the Latin term filum which means thread and granum which means grain. Thus, this jewellery is made by using beading methods with the aid of threads which can either be gold or silver.

This is widely used in India and around Asia and had also been used in Italy and France sometime back in the past.

Bottom line

These are names of a few jewellery types that you should be aware of so that you can have a better idea when selecting jewellery for any occasion.